Are you a Firewords Reader?

We are expanding our team of readers for Edition 9.

Last issue we peaked at nearly a thousand submissions and want to ensure that each piece gets the attention it deserves. Our readers look at 20 submissions a week and recommend whether or not the editorial team takes each one forward to publication. Submissions open twice a year (so you will only be asked to help out at these times) and Edition 9 will be opening at the start of October. If you are interested then please email/tweet us with your email address and we can send you further details. 

This expansion is extremely exciting to all of us. Your preferred style and interests will be completely unique; therefore, your preferences will automatically bring something new to Firewords.  

If you are successful, you will

  1. Read twenty submissions per week (or more if you request this)

  2. Notify the editors whether you would reject or accept each piece

  3. Provide feedback for the writer on all submissions.

This is an unpaid position. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if interested. We would love to hear from you.