What happened to Firewords?

An explanation by Jen Scott, Associate Editor

Our regular readers will have noticed a sizeable gap between Issue 4 and what is now the beginning of Issue 5. A small break in our publishing schedule was already planned because half of the editorial team was relocating to Toronto. However, a particular event has turned our world upside down and it is one we feel is important to share.

During my first few weeks in this stunning new country I was involved in an accident that was extremely severe and life-threatening, and which I may never have fully recovered from; I was hit by a 4x4 truck (at a set of traffic lights where I was following the ‘walking man’ to cross the road). Unfortunately, the driver turned the corner when he shouldn’t have and didn’t see me crossing.

Sitting now, writing this, it is impossible to capture the feeling of missing three weeks of my life completely. My family have told me about these weeks in an intensive care unit at an extremely efficient and caring hospital. However, I do remember the weeks when I was moved to a two-person ward and slowly came to realise what had happened. My parents had arrived quickly from Scotland and, each night, either they or my fiance would stay at the hospital to keep an eye on me - something which I believe has greatly contributed to the speed and extent of my recovery. A bonus was certainly when my brother also managed to fly over and stay for a few nights!

Whatever the reasons for my progress, or incredible luck, I am now an outpatient receiving rehabilitation treatment and, while I await a further operation, myself and all the Firewords team are eager to get Issue 5 moving again. Therefore, it is with great excitement that we are announcing that submissions will open on August 1st and close on August 28th. The theme of this issue is Change, something that we were interested in before but, post-accident, has acquired even more significance for us.

So, if your creative juices are flowing, we look forward to hearing from you in a couple of weeks. I cannot wait for the absolute joy of reading original and inspirational creative writing from around the world. Thank you all again for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.