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Firewords 8 – Audiobooks

Download all the audio files in one zip folder (120mb) or play them individually below.

The Wasp and the Willow
by Carolyne Topdjian

Read by Cory Miller

Monkey Mind
by Jacqueline Jules

Read by Jen Scott

Homeless in Hawai'i
by Sarah David

Read by Thinh Dinh

The Barber of Mars Base 1
by Greg Michaelson

Read by Jen Scott

Escaping Mrs. Pruitt
by Hermine Robinson

Read by Betty Scott

Winter Dreaming
by Rick Blum

Read by Betty Scott

by Carole Ellis

Read by Janette Burgess

An Accident on a Dirt Road
by Luke Larkin

Read by Jen Scott

Tales of the Double-Edged Sword
by Brittany Thompson

Read by Dan Burgess

Last Man Standing
by Jen Falkner

Read Daniele Anne

The man with no shadow
by Stephanie Percival

Read by Betty Scott

Legless Edbur
by Leslie Beckmann

Read by Elliot Hughes

Big Life
by P. D. Walter

Read by the author

The Ghost Bike
by Georgene Smith Goodin

Read by Lee Jordan

And I Want To Be
by Virginia Boudreau

Read by Jen Scott

Mr Hilbert's Grand Hotel
by Elizabeth Lovatt

Read by Brian Burgess

by Matt Dennison

Read by the author
Video produced by Marie Craven