Firewords 2 – 'Summer'

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Firewords 2 – 'Summer'

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Like the long-awaited first rays of summer sun, our 'Summer' themed edition has arrived with a bang and, if we do say so ourselves, it's a real literary and visual treat.

The call for submissions for Issue 2 was hugely successful, in both quantity and quality. In fact, we have increased the page count from 32 to 48 to accommodate as much exceptional writing as possible. As well as having much more content, we have moved away from the newsprint and embraced a perfect-bound, paperback format. This is to ensure the amazing writing and stunning artwork inside are shown to their full potential.

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Issue 2 Contributors:

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ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTORS: Chad Geran, Daniel Duke, Ella Johnston, Maggie Appleton, Natalie Kenna, Terence Tang, Wouter ter Keurs

WRITTEN CONTRIBUTORS: Alison Wassell, Andrew Patch, Anton Rose, C.C. Russell, Charlie Galbraith, C.M. Beckett, David Wiley, Elizabeth Stott, Ethan Chapman, Harley Staggars, Ian Shine, J.T. Harrell, Jack Westlake, Jason Graff, John Biggs, Malene Huse Eikrem, Mansour Chow, Michael Lynch, Mike Alexander, Peter Davison, Richard B. Knight, Richard Smyth, Roger Farnworth, Stephen Thom, Vaidehi Patil, Valentina Cano, Vicki Jarrett, Vicky Walker