Firewords 4 – 'Winter'

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Firewords 4 – 'Winter'

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Winter can be a cold and lonely month, but we hope Issue 4, our winter-themed edition, will keep you company until the weather warms up. There are certainly a vast array of wonderful characters to discover within the pages, from an under pressure office worker to an underwater girl; from road-tripping fathers to long-distance lovers; from zookeepers to matadors, and everyone in between. You're sure to meet a character you love in Issue 4.

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Issue 4 Contributors:

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COVER ARTWORK: Karolis Strautniekas

ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTORS: Angela Rizza, Christi du Toit, Delia Evin, Elicia Edijanto, Georgie Bennett, Holly Horn, Jordan Harrison, Josephine Kyhn, Kyle Adams, Lisk Feng, Melissa North, Nicolet Schenck

WRITTEN CONTRIBUTORS: Alison Lock, Charles Leggett, Christina Taylor, Christopher Swiedler, Damon King, Eliot North, James Keane, Jeffrey Penn May, Jennifer Falkner, Jonathan Aldridge, Lance Nizami, Mansour Chow, Marie Gethins, Marie Peach-Geraghty, Mark James Hammond, Mark Newman, Mick Lynch, Nicole J Simms, Nicole Spooner, Nik Eveleigh, Ronald Jackson, Sarah Evans