Firewords 6 – 'Secrets'

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Firewords 6 – 'Secrets'

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Issue 6 is full of dark secrets and tantalising mysteries.

This theme has really captured the attention of our submitters; it seems like everyone has a secret to keep. A dark secret has the power to eat someone up inside, but it can also make for the best story!

As always, the short stories and poems featured in this edition are all enhanced by talented artists from around the world.

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Issue 6 Contributors:

COVER ARTWORK: Stephanie F. Scholz

ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTORS: Andrea Dalla Barba, Daniel Garcia, Daniel Jamie Williams, Dmitry Bondarenko, Fran Murphy, Guillermo Ortego, Gwendoline Blosse, Haejin Park, Jade They, Karla Alcazar, Katherine Diemert, Linda Yan, Maeve Norton, Maria Rikteryte, Nick Jarvis, Nick Taylor, Rondie Li

WRITTEN CONTRIBUTORS: Andrew Mackey, Anne Anthony, Cait Scudder, Caroline de Verteuil, Christopher P Jones, Cody A. Conklin, Darienne Dickey, Elizabeth Bruce, FJ Morris, Gala Ivanovska, Jane Hunter, Jehan Yousry Farrag, Krishan Coupland, Lynn White, Natalia Theodoridou, PW Lewis, Richard Davis, Robert Ford, Shirley Golden, Simon Middleton, Steven E. Gonzales, Z.Z. Boone