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A subscription to Firewords is available in 2, 3, and 4 issue packages. They make an ideal gift to yourself or a loved one that can be enjoyed in the months to come.

Please note: As Issue 7 is currently sold out, all the subscription packages will start with the next issue when it is released (Issue 8). If you would like to start with a previous issue that is still in stock, simply let us know by emailing us after you place your order. 

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Subscription FAQ

Q: Can I purchase a subscription as a gift for someone else?
A: Of course! Simply purchase the subscription as normal and then email us afterwards to let us know the recipient's details. If you would like us to, we can also send them an e-voucher to let them know the good news!

Q: What happens if my address changes?
A: Simply email us if your details or address change at any point during the subscription and we'll update our records.

Q: Will I be charged again when my subscription runs out?
A: No. Our subscription payments are a one-off charge and not a recurring payment.

Q: What is the benefit of subscribing rather than buying single issues?
A: All of our subscription packages save you money compared to buying single issues individually (the 4 x issue subscription is the best value!) Plus, you won't miss an issue and you'll receive the new issues before anyone else.

Subscription Prices

All of the prices below include all shipping costs.

UK 4 x Issue Subscription – £ 22.00
Europe 4 x Issue Subscription – £ 26.25
Rest of World 4 x Issue Subscription – £ 29.00
UK 3 x Issue Subscription – £ 16.75
Europe 3 x Issue Subscription – £ 20.00
Rest of World 3 x Issue Subscription – £ 22.00
UK 2 x Issue Subscription – £ 11.40
Europe 2 x Issue Subscription – £ 13.50
Rest of World 2 x Issue Subscription – £ 15.00